Company legalization is mandatory for any company wishing to do business in Brazil. We offer consulting services from project development to acquisition of necessary licenses, and certificates such as:

  • Municipality Operating License (CITY HALL);
  • Environmental Certificate - Handling Environmentally Hazardous Waste Certificate (CETESB / SECRETARY OF ENVIRONMENT);
  • Fire Department Operating License (FIRE BRIGADE);
  • Technical Responsibility Certificate (PROFESSIONAL CLASS COUNCIL);
  • Health Project and Operational Flow Layout (VISA);
  • Operating License and Operating Register (VISA);
  • Operating Permit (ANVISA);
  • Company Size Update Petition (ANVISA);
  • Updates – change of address, legal name, Legal Representative, Technical Representative;
  • Class or Activity Expansion/Reduction;
  • Renewal of Certificates and Licenses;
  • Zoning consultation - verified by the city hall.