A Little bit of our story

Founded in 1999, Vera Rosas Registro e Legalização is specialized in products approval at ANVISA, company legalization and implementation of GMP related to production, storage, import and distribution of products (GMP pre-audit, ANVISA audits monitoring, implementation and training of quality procedures).

We have a portfolio of clients located in over 40 countries and every continent. We have over 20,000 protocols registered with ANVISA.

Vera Rosas Registro e Legalização is one of the companies that belong to Vera Rosas Group, with VR Medical Importadora e Distribuidora Ltda (Brazil), BioDevices (Brazil) e VLR Regulatory Affairs (EUA).

Advice and Effectiveness from the first
Contact, excellence in service.
Luma Stein - ABA



Provide services with readiness and dynamism, with the highest level of quality while maintaining a close relationship with customers.



Being the most efficient Regulatory Affairs company in the Brazilian market, always working focused on Ethics, Quality and Agility of our services.




CLIENT always satisfied, that is the reason of our being. ETHICS and ASSERTIVENESS is our priority. Respected, committed and accountable ASSOCIATES. EXCELLENCE and SIMPLICITY. SUSTAINABILITY as a lifetime goal.

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